Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a resident of Victoria Gardens?

Long Term Care homes are licensed and regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Health. The long-term care home placement process includes a thorough assessment by a Care Coordinator from the Home & Community Care Support Services. All applications are processed through them. The Hamilton office can be reached at 905-523-8600.

Information can be found at

What are the monthly accommodation fees and what is included?

Long-term care accommodation costs are set by the Ministry of Long-Term Care and are standard in all long-term care homes across Ontario.

Monthly accommodation fees include medical and nursing care, 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, laundry and housekeeping services, and access to programs offered by the recreation department. Other non-insured services can be paid for separately eg. hair care, foot care, in-suite cable tv / phone, etc.

Are there rate subsidies available?

For individuals with lower incomes who may have difficulty affording Basic Accommodation in long term care, the government offers an accommodation cost subsidy. The subsidy is not available to people requesting Semi-Private or Private accommodation.

If you wish to apply for the subsidy, you will need to provide your most recent NOA from your prior income tax return. The Home will assist you with your application to the MOHLTC.

How many times a week will my loved one be offered a bath or shower?

Residents will be offered their choice of a bath or shower 3 times per week.

Do you have accommodations for couples?

Yes, spousal reunification is possible at Victoria Gardens when room becomes available. Married couples have option of sharing a room.

What are visiting hours?

Generally, visiting hours are from 9:00-9:00. If residents are on palliative care, visiting hours are open. Please discuss request any special requests for visiting hours with the Charge Nurse.  Please see the next FAQ for more details on our Visitor and Caregiver Policy.

What is the Visitor and Caregiver Policy at Victoria Gardens?

Our Visitor and Caregiver policy has been revised as of April 11, 2022 as per the new Fixing Long Term Care Homes Act 2021, and can be viewed here: OM-02-01-39_Visitor_and_Caregiver_Policy

How can I access inspection reports on Long Term Care Homes from the Ministry of Health?

What does the dietary department offer for meals?

Meals, snacks and fluids are provided by the dietary department. There is a 3-week rotation for the menu.

Click here for the current menu.  Menu

What is Victoria Garden's Disclosure policy

To comply with the new Fixing Long Term Care Act (2021), our disclosure policy can be found here: Disclosure Policy

What if I have a concern or need to make a complaint?

If you feel that VG did not adequately resolve your concern internally, you may reach out to the Ministry and make a formal anonymous complaint.  Information is found on the Ministry Website

Our Complaints Process Policy can be read here: VG Complaint Policy


How can I view Victoria Gardens' Interim Continuous Quality Improvement Report for 2022/23?

To comply with the new Fixing Long Term Care Act, Victoria Gardens’ Interim CQI report for 2022/23 can be found here

Does Victoria Gardens have a published Emergency Plan?

To comply with the new Fixing Long Term Care Act, Victoria Gardens has publicly posted their Emergency Plan which can be found here: Emergency Plan