Our Services

Special Care

Special health care services are available to Residents assessed as requiring these services. Services are coordinated by the Charge Nurse.

  •   Wellness Room
    In-house Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy is provided by a registered therapist. The cost may be covered by OHIP.

  • In-house restorative care program

  • Chiropody/Podiatry Care is provided by a registered Podiatrist. This optional service is billed to the family member.

  • Dental Services are available through the hospital dental clinic or a visiting dentist. The cost is the responsibility of the Resident and Family.

  • Dietitian: A registered dietitian is in the Home weekly. There is no cost to the Resident.

  • Vaccinations: The Home vaccinates new residents against pneumonia and provides tetanus inoculation. Residents are tested for TB. Yearly flu vaccine is provided to all Residents, unless contraindicated.

  • Other Medical Services are available, including Psychiatric, Xray, Lab, Dermatology. Other specialized services are arranged by the Home. Costs are generally covered by O.H.I.P.