Our Facility

Safety and Security

Safety Devices:

All residents have a right to be self-determining. Risks are a part of life, and as such, individuals may choose to move about independently and encounter a reasonable amount of risk, rather than be restrained. Safety devices such as seat belts may be used, if authorized by the family and the physician.

Physical restraints are not encouraged at Victoria Gardens.

Building Security:

All exterior doors are alarmed and locked to prevent unauthorized entry or exit for the security of our residents. Coded key pads are used to access and leave the building. Please use the main entrance doors for entering or exiting the facility and the elevators for movement between floors. In an emergency, use the stairways as directed. All doors will automatically unlock when the fire alarm is activated.

Emergency Plan:

The Plan is tested on a regular basis and fire drills are conducted each month. Fire exits are clearly indicated.

Call Bells:

Resident rooms, bathrooms and common areas such as lounges, are equipped with conveniently located call bells. When a call bell is activated, a signal goes off at the Nurses’ station and staff members respond as quickly as possible.


The Home cannot accept responsibility for Residents' personal belongings or valuables. Jewellery and large sums of money are best kept with the Family.