About Us

Our Quality Program

Victoria Gardens has a Continuous Quality Improvement Program that assures Residents, Families, Staff and Members of the Community that we are continually working to improve the quality of the services we provide.


Our CQl Program focuses on evaluating and continually improving how we deliver care services. Residents and their Families are at the centre of this process.


Residents, Families, Staff and the Community benefit from our CQI Program that focuses on identifying and meeting the needs and expectations of clients.


In partnership with Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, we are committed to the initiative "Residents First." Residents First is one of the most comprehensive and innovative quality improvement initiatives in Canada. It supports Homes like ours, in providing safe, effective and responsive care.

How You Can Help

Open dialogue, ongoing communication and feedback are the most important tools in achieving continuous quality improvement. Let us know if we are meeting your needs and expectations.