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Uninsured Services

Certain services are subject to a charge above the amount of the monthly accommodation rate. These services are called "uninsured services". Charges are subject to change and current rates are available upon request. Notices are distributed to the Resident and responsible parties when charges are increased. Uninsured services include hair styling, preferred accommodation, transportation to appointments, medications not covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan, assistance to appointments, escort service, dental services, wheelchair maintenance, optometrist, meals outside the facility, special activities, newspaper delivery, private telephones and cable.

Pastoral Services

Pastoral services are co-ordinated and monitored through the Recreation department. Participation in spiritual programs is voluntary. Families may bring in their own clergy or priest. Interdenominational services are held on a regular basis.

Memorial services, Celebration of Life, are held throughout the year to remember those residents who have died. Family members of those who are being honoured are invited to attend.

Hair Dresser

Hair Dresser

A hair dresser provides service weekly and residents are billed accordingly.